[Loadstone] New OpenStreetMap converter

Lex lex at progger.ru
Sat Oct 3 07:18:37 BST 2009

Hi Georgina ,

03.10.2009 0:50, Georgina Joyce пишет:
> I've checked out these packages but I've never worked at this level with python.  I have a loadstonetools directory which contains a directory called loadstone which appears to hold the tools as there are names like
> osmconverter.py.
Actually, subdir "loadstone" contains a package or library or how you 
want to call it. Also, there are files osm.py and reprocessor.py, they 
are a console runners. So you can run osm converter as follows:
python osm.py --help
this will print command-line options help. If you find any mistakes, 
feel free to contact me off-list and i will correct them.
> I tried using them like a bash script
> i.e. ./osmconverter.py but no that wasn't the way so I tried python
> osmconverter.py but it complained that there was no module named lxml.
> Is this a python dependency?  How should I run these python tools?

Sorry, i didn't mention that. Yes, my tools depend on LXML python 
library. It is a fast xml processor. Try to find a debian deb for that.

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