[Loadstone] New OpenStreetMap converter

Georgina Joyce r2gl at o2.co.uk
Fri Oct 2 22:50:53 BST 2009


I've checked out these packages but I've never worked at this level with
python.  I have a loadstonetools directory which contains a directory
called loadstone which appears to hold the tools as there are names like
osmconverter.py. I tried using them like a bash script
i.e. ./osmconverter.py but no that wasn't the way so I tried python
osmconverter.py but it complained that there was no module named lxml.
Is this a python dependency?  How should I run these python tools?

I'm using a debian testing system.



On Wed, 2009-09-23 at 19:06 +0300, Lex wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've developed a set of tools for loadstone in python which includes 
> reprocessor and osm converter.
> The reprocessor can check errors not only in point table but for whole 
> database.
> Converter is more interesting: It can process 15 mb file in atleast 10 
> seconds. It's incredibly fast compared to that written in PHP. Besides 
> that it can put localized amenity names in your native language, and has 
> ability to define what tags you want to be considered as point name: for 
> example, passing -Nname:fr in command-line will mean that you prefer 
> names in french. So converter will try to extract them instead of 
> default names, if possible.
> And of course, you don't need any web server to run all of this.
> Both tools have a console interface. There is no documentation at the 
> moment, but you can pass --help in command line to get a list of 
> recognized options with their descriptions.
> Project is open-source, so feel free to contribute in any manner. For 
> example, you can translate the apps in your native language.
> It is hosted at
> http://loadstonetools.googlecode.com
> i've built a binary version for windows, you can find it in "download" 
> section.
> p.s. sorry for my english :-)
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