[Loadstone] Some questions about loadstone database

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 02:39:12 GMT 2009

As mentioned in my previous mail, I intend to provide Openstreetmap
Philippines data converted to loadstone database for use of my blind
friends.  I used the loadstonetools python converter.  The sample data
looks like this:
"Purefoods Corporation",146279410,1210954200,1,10,0,41540,943967446

Some questions on the database:
1.  lat and long entries doesn't contain a decimal point.  Is this correct?
2.  According to the loadstone manual: "your UserID is derived from
the e-mail address that you supplied in Options/Settings/General on
the phone."  If so, is it OK to distribute my converted data even if I
used my own userID and will it load to the other phones even if they
have a separate email supplied in Options/Settings/General?
3.  I tried uploading the converted file to pointshare exchange but it
gives me this error:
    * e: (1) error searching for table token
    * i: (1) rollback

My blind friends are very excited in using loadstone and we hope we
can assist others to using it more here in the Philippines and
hopefully improve the data here in our country.
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