[Loadstone] Is my county in the database?

Marissa Manzino gwennacast at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 20:49:45 GMT 2009

Hi all,
The file I was attempting to convert was 90 MB. I know that the open 
street map converter limits you to a size of 2MB. How do I get around 
this? I tried downloading the file for the next county over Yonkers, NY. 
I now am at a loss as for what to do.
Well, i made some progress with Loadstone today. I was able to enter my 
home as a point, but when I went to enter other points, the coordinates 
are incorrect. Every time I enter an address in to the Geo Coder, it 
will display the wrong city and wrong zip code. Since I am still unable 
to get the point share exchange  to work, I thoughtI'd take Sean's 
suggestion and enter points after obtaining coordinates. I'm very 
confused, I know our town is small, but is it possible it's not in the 
free database yet? It is on other GPS maps. I'm very confused, thank you 
for helping me with the backslash key as well. I know where every key is 
located except that one. Thank you again to all who have helpedme .


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