[Loadstone] Point share exchange not working

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Nov 20 00:18:44 GMT 2009

Try refreshing your screen, sometimes this works. If you can't obtain data 
by location then you can always do it by putting in a set of coordinates and 
getting points within a radius. You can use loadstone itself or one of the 
geocoder tools to obtain a set of starting coordinates. Then for a radius 
just try 10 kilometers or so and that should give you some data to start 
with. You'll find a lot more information about all of this in the loadstone 

On Thu, 19 Nov 2009, Marissa Manzino wrote:

> HI all,
> Well, the saga still continues. I found the backslash key thanks to Pablo. 
> But to no avail, Windows just refuses to see the files I want. So I decided 
> to get my map through the point share exchange. I went on to the Loadstone 
> website and clicked on point share exchange. I logged in. Then I clicked on 
> get point by civic location. There is nothing in any of the combo boxes. Yes, 
> I have had this checked out by a sighted person, my Mom. What is going on? 
> can you no longer obtain map data this way? Please help. Any assistance would 
> be appreciated. Thank you again for all your help.
> Musically,
> Marissa
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