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Hello Maning, I am Craig, welcome to the list!
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> Hi,
> I am new here and before anything else some introductions.  I am
> Maning Sambale from the Philippines and I am a contributor to
> openstreetmap in my country.  I also compile GPS Garmin Maps based on
> openstreetmap data and distribute them for free.  Several days ago,
> "two blind guys" asked if I can help them develop a "map" of the
> Philippines they can use for their mobile phones.
> Loadstone seems to be a very good option and I tried the
> loadstonetools' osm python converter last night with very good
> results. Being a non-blind person I would like to ask  and verify my
> assumptions on how blind guys use GPS (apologies if my assumptions are
> wrong, please correct them as you wish).
> 1.  interpreting road information in contrast with the usual
> navigation devices are different with how blind people use them.  Most
> of them are pedestrian users therefore routing is different. What
> important road information should be added in  openstreetmap
> (intersections, pedestrian crossing, sidewalk)?
> 2.  The level of mapping detail is also different, for example certain
> POIs maybe very useful for navigation for the blind.  What and how
> POIs should be mapped in openstreetmap?   For instance, we have some
> building polygons, it maybe useful for navigation. But most of the
> time, nodes are in the center of the structure.  I think it would be
> more useful if we can do routing to the entrance of building.
> 3.  Pedestrian navigation requires a more precision and accuracy than
> the usual road driving navigation.  What consumer GPS models can you
> recommend?
> Some of my inquiries maybe answered already so please point me to the
> appropriate thread.
> -- 
> cheers,
> maning
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