[Loadstone] Getting a map on the phone

Marcus Pöpping df1dv at o-52.de
Tue Nov 17 06:12:42 GMT 2009

Hi Marissa,

there is a general instruction page on the loadstone page. You can read the answers there in much better english. Anyway on the tools page there is a link opening the geocoder. In this geocoder you can type in an adress and you get coordinates. andyou have the possibility to download a file wich is generated from the open street map database. It is highly recomandet to export at first intersections only and in a second step öpoints of interests. You can convert the OSM file by using the osm converter on the loadstone toole page. after converting the file you get a text file. this file is to transver into the import export directory in your loadstone directory on your phone. after starting loadstone you find in the option menue the database button and after pressing it you find the possibility to import the datas from the textfile.

Regards Marcus
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