[Loadstone] Loadstone on Nokia E71X

Marissa Manzino gwennacast at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 00:19:24 GMT 2009

Hi all,
My name is Marissa. I'm a singer/songwriter from New York. I wanted to
introduce myself  and ask a question about  the Loadstone. I recently
purchased a Hollux M-1000 GPS receiver to be used with Loadstone. I
cannot seem to get Loadstone to run on my nokia phone. Which is a Nokia
E71X. I installed it via the Nokia Suite which is also how I installed
Mobile Speak. The only way I can access Loadstone is through the
application  manager which wants to uninstall it. I can't seem to even
open the program. Can anyone help me? I also don't know where to go to
download map data for my state which is New York. Any assistance would
be grately appreciated. Thank you kindly and have a wonderful day.

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