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> Averaged pois

If you have coordinates of a big park 300 x 300 meters.
Which coordinates to you want, four edges or something in the middle?


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> There is stated on site of osm converter:
> Check POI's only' if all you want is a database with Points of
> Interest.
> Check 'Intersections only' if you only want intersections (no waypoints
> between intersections).
> Check 'Include POI's' to include a list of POI's with a defined
> position..Check ' Include averaged POI's' to include POI's with a
> position calculated from more than one position.
> I don't understand completely.
> Check pois - only pois will be in database.
> Check intersections - only intersections of streets in format
> sstreetxstreet will be there.
> Include pois - don't understand.
> aweraged pois - don't understand either.
> Am I right in my first two statements and can you please explain to me
> these two?
> Thank you,
> Vojta
> Josh napsal(a):
> 	Hi,
> 	Points and waypoints are the same thing. Waypoints are longitude
> and latitude coordinates with a name assigned to them.
> 	The church that I go to can be makred as a point. It has
> longitude and latitude coordinates which place it somewhere on earth. I
> give those a name and call those  coordinates saint mary's catholic
> church in city of Redding Pennsylvania. So now when I am walking
> outside Loadstone will tell me how close I am to that point and what
> direction that point is in relation to the direction I amm currently
> traveling in.
> 	Josh
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