[Loadstone] question about osm converter

krecoun krecoun at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 19:07:45 GMT 2009

I hope I'm not asking answered question.
Strange thing happened to me.
I downloaded a map of one area on slovakia using geocoder.
I tried to convert it with python tools, but there was some error and I 
don't know what that error ment, so I used osm converter from loadstone 
There was checkpoint waypoints only, intersections only... I was 
confused, so please explain this to me.
The resulting file was about 2 mb (source had about 60 mb).
Then I downloaded area about the same size but this area was from czech 
republic. I managed to convert this area using python tools - from 120 
mb it made about 600 kb!
Is this disproportion in size caused by these waypoints etc? Please can 
you explain in more details, I can't understand it from osm converter page.
Thank you,

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