[Loadstone] groute querie

Divyanshu Ganatra dnganatra at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 14:16:10 GMT 2009

i copied the route text file to   the
system/apps/loadstone/ImportExport folder. post that i created a new
database and loaded it. went to import option under database in LS,
and it said import complete .. 0 points added 0 points modified etc.
what am i doing wrong. i am pasting the route below for your reference.
18.54296,73.83444,"1. Head east",1,0,0,4,1257839526,"go 0.2 160 km"
18.54276,73.83631,"2. Turn right toward Range Hill
Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839527,"go 0.2 160 km"
18.54107,73.83645,"3. Turn left at Range Hill
Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839528,"go 0.5 160 km"
18.54494,73.83882,"4. Take the 2nd right toward NH
4",1,0,0,4,1257839529,"go 1.5 160 km"
18.5491,73.8511,"5. Turn right at NH 4",1,0,0,4,1257839530,"go 0.5 160 km"
18.54478,73.85178,"6. Take the 1st left onto Mula
Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839531,"go 1.7 160 km"
18.55595,73.86237,"7. Continue onto Holkar
Bridge",1,0,0,4,1257839532,"go 0.4 160 km"
18.55361,73.86394,"8. Turn left at Lokmanya Tilak
Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839533,"go 0.7 160 km"
18.55384,73.86986,"9. Take the 2nd right",1,0,0,4,1257839534,"go 87 160 m"
18.55311,73.87015,"10. Turn left toward Loop
Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839535,"go 2.1 160 km"
18.55263,73.88947,"11. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Loop
Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839536,"go 0.8 160 km"
18.55229,73.89667,"12. Turn left at Nagar Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839537,"go 2.0 160 km"
18.55921,73.91364,"13. Turn left toward Viman Nagar
Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839538,"go 0.7 160 km"
18.56519,73.9142,"14. Turn right at Viman Nagar
Rd",1,0,0,4,1257839539,"go 0.1 160 km"
18.56517,73.9153,"15. Take the 1st left",1,0,0,4,1257839540,"go 0.2 160 km"
18.566629,73.91552,"16. Arrive at Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra,

On 11/11/09, Josh <jkenn337 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> sure, put the text file into the others, loadstone, import export folder,
> then go to your phone and run loadstone, go into options menu, database,
> import, hit select on the file and it'll import it into the current
> database. if you want it in a separate database first make a new file call
> it points of interest or churches pois and then import and the points will
> then go into the new database.
> Josh
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