[Loadstone] entering groute points of interest

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 15:11:19 GMT 2009

Hi Greggor,

Ok first I made a points of interest database. And then I opened it in notepad in windows xp the notepad text editor. And then I put the dashes in, just like this. 

"Kramer s Peanut Bar",403348780,-759308780,1,0,0,4,1257950315
"Reading Public Library",403335950,-759280180,1,0,0,4,1257950316
"Canal Street Pub Restaurant",403257410,-759285000,1,0,0,4,1257950317
"Ugly Oyster Drafthaus",403345150,-759276460,1,0,0,4,1257950318
"Speckled Hen Cottage Pub",403342860,-759298290,1,0,0,4,1257950319
"Legacy Brewing",403257410,-759285000,1,0,0,4,1257950320
"Central Catholic High School",403344600,-759110510,1,0,0,4,1257950321
"Reading Area Community College",403344920,-759344470,1,0,0,4,1257950322
"Edgemont Terrace Apartments",403347020,-759084630,1,0,0,4,1257950323

And now it works! But until you make the changes, and groute enters in the longitude and latitude correctly, people on the loadstone list, it is necessary to note carefully the longitude and latitude and make sure it is correct, that includes the dashes! Once I enter the dashes the database works perfectly! Without the dashes, it does not work at all. there may be some cases or parts of the world where dashes are not needed. so advise it when groute generates the output file for the database, it enters longitude and latitude exactly as you see it on screen including dashes. now remember no decimal points. Ok... just do like I showed you and groute will work fine. 


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