[Loadstone] POI translations for OpenStreetMap converters

Lex lex at progger.ru
Wed Nov 11 14:36:38 GMT 2009

Hi Luluan,

I am afraid those translations aren't usable for loadstone now, since 
they are too long. Loadstone allows only 75 characters in the name 
field, so we need to chose the shortest variants. That's why i don't use 
the tag translations which are already present on OSM map features page.

11.11.2009 16:13, Lulu-Ann at gmx.de пишет:
> Hello Loadstone users and developers.
> I have started a translation table for OpenStreetMap elements of
> interest (others than "amenity" and crossings).
> See Hyperlink:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Via-Dux/Translations
> You are invited of course to use it for the converters.
> Current languages are:
> English  German  Spanish  French  Dutch  Hungarian  Vietnamese  Italian  Catalan(Spanish) Russian
> If you want another language in the list, please add a column or write a comment.
> If you want more objects in the list, just add them.
> If you don't know the tagging in OSM, just start a new line and put in the English term, I will add the rest then.
> Examples:
> Traffic signals with sound and or vibration
> Bus Stops and Train Stations with or without Tactile Paving
> Public tactile maps
> Wheelchair accessibility
> Some of the elements in the list are also found on the "visual map for the blind", see http://freenet-homepage.de/rapunzely/OSM/blindmap.html
> If you are not familiar with wiki editing, you can also send me your
> contribution by email.
> Bye
> Lulu-Ann

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