[Loadstone] points of interest groute

Grzegorz Zlotowicz grzezlo at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 08:22:18 GMT 2009

the unicode multibyte characters are taken into account as occupying more 
than one byte, and the name is truncated to 75 bytes max.
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> Hello!
>>>>>> "Grzegorz" == Grzegorz Zlotowicz <grzezlo at gmail.com> writes:
>    Grzegorz> 3. The names are truncated to 75 characters, so I don't
>    Grzegorz> understand the too long name error reported by someone,
>    Grzegorz> maybe it requires more investigations and some
>    Grzegorz> corrections in the groute.
> It can be caused by using unicode for some languages where one
> character in fact may be coded by more than one byte.
> Best regards,
> Igor.
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