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Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 02:09:47 GMT 2009


Ok I got some points of interest around my area, and there are pretty many 300 or 400 points of interest. I uploaded the .txt file to the database explorer and all the points showed as being there or existing there. And then I went out in my backyard with my phone and gps receiver. I'm in a city and the nearest point of interest is across and maybe a block up the street. So I go outside, load my points of interest database. And loadstone says no points found, I do an area search, no points found. I even do a search for a point I know to exist, still no points found. The route generator works ok. The points are showingup as existing in the database explorer on the computer, but for some reason I just cannot get them to be detected in loadstone-gps , outside connected to satellites. and in exploration mode its as if there are n points in the database when I know there have to be. I even opened the compacted default and points of interest database in notepad to verify the existance of points. oh they do exist. So then why is Loadstone acting like they are not even there? 


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