[Loadstone] checkpoints file

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 20:06:14 GMT 2009


Here is what the small checkpoints file looks like. 

40.33053,-75.9168,"1. Head west on Spruce St toward Maple St",1,0,0,4,1257872690,"go 0.2 160 mi"
40.33058,-75.92023,"2. Turn right at S 9th St",1,0,0,4,1257872691,"go 0.1 160 mi"
40.33208,-75.92017,"3. Turn left at Chestnut St",1,0,0,4,1257872692,"go 0.2 160 mi"
40.33212,-75.92397,"4. Turn right toward Penn St",1,0,0,4,1257872693,"go 0.2 160 mi"
40.33526,-75.92387,"5. Turn left at Penn St Destination will be on the right",1,0,0,4,1257872694,"go 0.1 160 mi"
40.335306,-75.926167,"6. Arrive at 549 Penn St, Reading, PA 19601",1,0,0,4,1257872695,""

for some reason loadstone did not show me any of those checkpoints. 


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