[Loadstone] update to groute

Grzegorz Zlotowicz grzezlo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 07:46:42 GMT 2009

The select all button must be done in js to make the script resend all 
checked points back on server, without it, server doesn't know which points 
were previously generated, so can not select all.
Also the select all button done in js gives possibility to select all, and 
then deselect 2 or 3 points which is relatively faster than manually 
selecting 8 interesting points.
I don't like javascript, because its' compatibility problems, also i'm not 
the enthusiast of selecting all in groute, but i attached the script to 
appreciate the Josh's research about it, and his need to have such thing 
After some more modifications, thing works well in msie, in Firefox (after 
pressing the button twice for first time), and without any problems on my 
friends' Nokia.
Greetings, Greg. 

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