[Loadstone] Groute comes back

Grzegorz Zlotowicz grzezlo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 19:02:32 GMT 2009

There isn't any limit set up in the script, i managed to select 30 items 
without any problems, maybe it's something connected to your current 
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Hi to all,

I have tried it successfully just now to check points and save it.  I am 
very sure that I have checked more then 20 but after saving it, there are 
only 20 entries in the file.

Is there any limit set or how can I change this please?

Thanks in advance,
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  Hi and thanks for your feedback...
  I just restored groute program at the loadstone-gps.pl server:
  As a small bonus, I added the functionality of displaying pois around the
  given starting address...
  User can define the poi category as farmacy for example, or can leave the
  ending address blank after selecting the function, which will generate all
  points of all categories.
  After it, user can select one or more of displayed points, go to next 
  and selects even more of them which are interesting, and finally save the
  selected points as a LS database text file.

  I think that in future Groute could be possibly incorporated into the LS
  offline tools, but before making the source code publicly available i'd 
  to correct it a bit, by translating to English the comments and variable
  names used...
  Greetings, Greg.

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