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Hi Marcus,

My advice is to go slow, add up points day by day yourself.  Get some POI's 
from other program to add in.  However, my advice is not to add to many 
points around a small area, not to many points next to each other. Just 
select to add import points.  My experience is that Loadstone will report 
and get these points which is next to each other mixed up at times.  Add in 
what is priority to your own usage.

Example. I added Point A which is a monorail station and ever since I used 
it, it will announce correctly that I reached that station.  Then I added in 
2 shops next to the stations into the point.  After adding, when reach the 
station A, it will announce the shops next to it instead of the station like 
earlier.  So, I removed the shops points and every thing went ok.

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Hellow everybody,

today is my veryfirst day using TALKS and LOADSTONE running on a NOCIA 6110
Navigator. Instalation was succesful. Program is running but I did not
manage to connect the internal DPS RX. The GPS reciver is activ with the
standard programm NAVIGATOR. After registration for the point exchange I
looked arroung ther but only a very small offer of points in my region. No I
am trying to creat a database from an osm file. A time consuming proces but
I hope for good results. So if someone has some hints about the link between
the Program and the internal GPS it is highly apriciatet.

Best regards from Marcus in Gortmund in Germany

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