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Hi Jim

I am using N79 and these are my experience with Loadstone.  If you using 
Internal or build in gps and you cannot get connected after few minutes, try 

Disconnect from build in gps, then
Use Find for gps option in loadstone, and instead of using Intergrated gps, 
select assisted gps. Please note that this will cost you data send and 
receive of about 8 to 10kb.  So, check out first how much will that cost.

Once you get satellite signal, disconnect from Assisted GPS and now find for 
gps again and select Integrated / build in gps. You will get connected with 
no problem this time.

However, if both gps failed to connect, then switched off your phone and on 
it back, it will sure connect through Assisted gps.

I have experienced before as well that no matter how many times I onn and 
off the phone, still cannot get connected.  The only method I managed to 
solve it is by removing battery and sim card from the phone, leave it for 
few minutes and put everything back. and everything will sure work.  This 
will at times happen if you install to many programs and try to many things 
on the phone.  It happened to me when I tested GSM Navigator v1.02.  This 
program have a new feature for gps.  When i installed, I cannot get 
connected, even removing it, still cannot.  So, I did the removing of sim 
and battery and all works well again.

Hope this helps you.
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Hi all!

I've just installed loadstone on my n82 and am excited about learning
to use it?  Has anyone had luck with using the internal gps receiver
on their phone or is it better to use an external one?  And if anyone
has any good hints or comments for a new gps user I'd appreciate them.

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