[Loadstone] Groute - google route generator for Loadstone

Grzegorz Złotowicz grzezlo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 11:04:21 GMT 2009

I just finished an initial work on the new online tool, which is very nice 
welcomed by the Polish users of Loadstone...
This tool let's you to generate route for Loadstone using the Google maps 
(maps.google.com) website
After giving the starting and ending address (geographical coordinates 
instead address
are also allowed) the route between given points will be generated in the 
mode. Calculated route will be displayed, letting user to estimate 
of given description. If it seems to be reliable, there is then possibility 
to download
a checkpoints file for Loadstone-gps, describing this route.
The tool in english language version has the following address:
All comments are highly apreciated.
Greetings, Greg. 

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