[Loadstone] advice on gps receiver

Chip Orange Corange at psc.state.fl.us
Wed Nov 4 18:40:13 GMT 2009

I'm very happy with the I-blue 737 or the version that's also a data
logger, the 747A.  it's both a bluetooth and a usb receiver, so it works
with almost anything.  It's got very long battery life, and recharges
from a usb cable; if you don't have a convenient usb source for
charging, you can buy them from electronics stores (special chargers
which have a usb connection as their output).  it has WAAS capability
(not all do, but it's becoming less and less helpful as we get more and
more satellites up), and it has a very fast cold start time; it has AGPS
capability for increasing the speed of the cold start time, but I don't
think it makes much of a difference to it.

I bought mine from Amazon, because they usually have good prices, and a
great return policy.




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> Hello all!
> I may want to look for a gps receiver to purchase and was 
> wondering if  
> anybody could give me any advice as to what to look for when  
> purchasing and maybe some good places with inexpensive prices.
> Thanks,
> Jim
> P.S.  Looks like its going to be fun learning to use loadstone.
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