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Tue Nov 3 21:11:23 GMT 2009

I think this subject has been discussed before and the point has been
very clear. Even in it's present form, Loadstone requires great teem
works and I do not propose putting unnecessary demand on the
developers. It could be something considerable in future, but let's
try to develop what we have at the moment and as I understand, the
expected version is going to deliver more than what we have at the
moment. Just my thoughts.


On 03/11/2009, monty at loadstone-gps.com <monty at loadstone-gps.com> wrote:
> Products generally follow the laws of supply and demand plus competition.
> If enough people are willing to buy a product at a certain price then
> that's what the product will sell for.  I personally think people have a
> right to sell a product for as much as they feel they can get for it
> without exploitation.  It's called motivation!  If screen reader
> developers didn't have motivation we wouldn't have screen readers!
> In the software world we have something called open-source.  It means you
> can develop something and make it freely available for others to use.  In
> my opinion this concept negates people's ability to complain about the
> cost of software because with some motivation of your own you can design
> free software.  It works, trust me that's what we did!
> There's those who "do" and those who want it "done for them" but I
> digress!
> Monty
>> Hi,
>> I think part of the reason why talks and mobilespeak are expensive is
>> becausethey use synthesizers which are expensive to license like eloquence
>> and scansoft. If they would use ESpeak or festival, free open source
>> speech synthesizers, then that would probably bring down the cost a lot.
>> Josh
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