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Tue Nov 3 20:55:48 GMT 2009

Products generally follow the laws of supply and demand plus competition.

If enough people are willing to buy a product at a certain price then 
that's what the product will sell for.  I personally think people have a 
right to sell a product for as much as they feel they can get for it 
without exploitation.  It's called motivation!  If screen reader 
developers didn't have motivation we wouldn't have screen readers!

In the software world we have something called open-source.  It means you 
can develop something and make it freely available for others to use.  In 
my opinion this concept negates people's ability to complain about the 
cost of software because with some motivation of your own you can design 
free software.  It works, trust me that's what we did!

There's those who "do" and those who want it "done for them" but I 


> Hi,
> I think part of the reason why talks and mobilespeak are expensive is becausethey use synthesizers which are expensive to license like eloquence and scansoft. If they would use ESpeak or festival, free open source speech synthesizers, then that would probably bring down the cost a lot.
> Josh
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