[Loadstone] Help to purchase GPS receiver.

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Nov 3 13:05:33 GMT 2009

Well, wasn't that a ringing endorsement for Sendero, I hope they paid you 
well. I have to pretty much disagree with everything you said there, the 
best accessible gps on the market? That's debatable. I'm pretty sure they 
didn't invent the iblue receiver, they just sell it like lots of other 
stores. As for getting the best price, that's a matter of research. There's 
lots of places where you can get the iblue receiver as well as other 
receivers. Since it's standard off the shelf equipment there's no need to go 
thrue anywhere special.

On Tue, 3 Nov 2009, Kevin Chao wrote:

> This isn't a receiver that you mentioned as one you were looking at. But,
> this is a receiver recommended and sold through Sendero Group (makers of
> best accessible GPS on the market with 4 SDK holders). 50 years combined
> experiences in accessible/commercial GPS, 10 years in the market and know
> what they are talking about and doing. They bring the iBlue 737A+, which ash
> 66 channels and great time to first fix and  gets WAAS in North America with
> great accuracy 90% of the time and EGNOS in Europe other forms of SBAS
> around the world and supports AGPS. the AGPS function is great and works
> well. If you want great support and a great price and a leather case for the
> receiver, get it through Sendeor Group, but for a great price, get it from
> www.BuyGPSNow.com.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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>>     Hello friends.
>> I have just started to create osm map for my city.
>> I got two GPS receivers from my friend for this purpose and one i want
>> to
>> purchase  for my self.
>> Which receiver should i purchase?
>> Please give me answers for my questions.
>> 1. I have two GPs receivers with 20 channel support, I have seen a GPS
>> receiver with 32 channel support and one friend suggested me "QStarz
>> BT-Q818X
>> 66 Channel Extreme Performance GPS Receiver with AGps" from
>> talknav.com,
>> this GPS has 66 channel.
>> does channel means more accuracy?
>> 2. One GPS i m using this time has data-logging feature.
>> all GPS receivers has this feature or not?
>> The function "startLogging" in loadstone is the same or not?
>> 3. For more accuracy Which is the main thing to notice while buying a
>> receiver?
>> Give me suggestions.
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