[Loadstone] the poi converter?

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Sat May 30 19:02:14 BST 2009

hmm. Maybe it would be good idea to say, at least the country.
google for some poi sites.
i found allso
google a little.
Josh napsal(a):
> Hello
> I took a look at the poi converter and also the additional website 
> that's there. What is the best source to get pois of restaurants and 
> businesses in my area? I read the poi manual and there's a website 
> inside that poi converter manual that leads to a poi converter that 
> will convert things like tom tom and garmon waypoints to csv files 
> which I guess then can be turned into a loadstone database useing the 
> poi converter? I would like to get a nice big list of local businesses 
> in my city.
> Josh
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