[Loadstone] overriding size limit in osm converter

krecoun krecoun at gmail.com
Sat May 30 14:16:30 BST 2009

Hello there,
I' mew here in this mailing list and I started to play with loadstone 
some time ago.
I got some map from my friend, but it's rather old.
There is problem. I'm from czech republic and I didn't find any way to 
get some pois or something like that in a package - because othervise I 
had to download every single small group of pois.
Then I found osm converter.
And I want whole map of czech republic - that from my friend is about 4 
mb in loadstone database format.
I found osm maps of czech republic - but they are hundrets of mb in size.
Is there any help?
I can't interact with pointshare exchange civic location search - the 
comboboxes appears empty.
And when I enter some coordinates and radius, I'll get allso some 
locations from neighboring countries... it's hard to get exact czech 
republic and don't take in some part of Germany, POland, Slovakia or 
Is that limit of 8 mb neccessary? Can it be overrided?
Thank you,

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