[Loadstone] Viewing a route

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu May 28 21:43:33 BST 2009

To make use of the Google geoservices you have to obtain a user key wich is 
bound to your Google account. Using this key means that you agree with the 
Google terms and conditions. These terms do not allow batch processing of 
large datasets and requesting data via the web is limited. Although 
tecnically possible we therefore can not offer this kind of service.

Running a NMEA.LOG file through the Breadcrumb Generator results in a 
Loadstone database with numbered points. It is possible to compare these 
points with the points in an existing Loadstone text database and replace 
the numbers with the names in the database. To provide this service is 
possible for a small number of points.

See below for the Google terms and conditions.



You may not:
10.6 use the Service in a manner that gives you or any other person access 
to mass downloads or bulk feeds of any Content, including but not limited to
numerical latitude or longitude coordinates, imagery, and visible map data;
10.11 offer a batch geocoding service that uses Content contained in any 
Google Services;


If more than 15,000 geocode requests in a 24 hour period are received from 
a single IP address, or geocode requests are submitted from a single IP 
address at too fast a rate, the Google Maps API geocoder will begin 
responding with a status code of 620. If excessive geocoder usage 
continues, access to the Google Maps API geocoder from this IP address may 
be blocked permanently.

At 5/28/2009, you wrote:
>Is it somehow possible to input a NMEA log file somewherem, and get a 
>textual description, based on Google, how a route looks like, which 
>streets and when were passed and so on?
>Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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