[Loadstone] how to retrieve points

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Wed May 27 18:00:12 BST 2009

ok here you go. 
1. go to www.loadstone-gps.com
2. clock tools and resources link.
3. click open the geocoder link.
4. use google maps to get the address you want.
5. enter the address into the forms edit boxes on the geocoder website.
6. press go button.
7. click the retrieve link open streetmap, the link is the one on the or near bottom of website. 
8. when new browser window opens, click the export link, wait 10 seconds, go to top of page.
9. press r for radio button, check the first radio button, the one that says xml. 
10. press b for button, you will land on the export button.
11. press enter on the export button.
12. save the .osm file to a place on your computer and remember where you saved it!
13. now go into your offline tools by running the loadstone.exe program in the loadstone tools folder or wherever you saved your loadstone offline tools. close all web browsers before running offline tools. 
14. go into the open streetmap converter tool.
15. browse to, and hit enter on the .osm file you just downloaded. 
16. now check the boxes you want checked to customise what gets included in your points text file.
17. hit go to next step button. 
18. download your text file,save it in your import export folder on your phone. 
19. now go to your cell phone's keypad go into loadstone.'
20. go to options, databases, hit select on import.
21. choose the text file that should be in the import export folder. loadstone takes you right into the import export folder when you hit select on import in the databases menu. 
22. hit select, or key1, on the text file it will import those points into the currenntly loaded database, it will ignore duplicate points. 
You can enter as much or as little info as you want into the geocoder, enter a whole address, or only a zip code... 


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