[Loadstone] Interesting database tool

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Mon May 25 09:36:36 BST 2009

On WINNT5 and using textpad for copy I had no problems to put 30 thousand 
points into a LS readable database. The command took 9 minutes including 
compacting using the method you described. Thanks for the tip!


At 5/24/2009, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>yesterday i found an interesting PC tool, working in console of windows, 
>called dbshell, which allows to edit and view a Symbian database...
>This tool would be rather interesting for developers, because it requires 
>some basic knowledge of sql syntax to deal with a database, and in fact 
>only one practical way of using it I can imagine is creating a binary 
>Symbian databases for Loadstone on a pC...
>This tool is available on a website:
>I tried to use some more or less simple methods to automate a process of 
>inserting data into a database using this tool, but standard methods of 
>redirecting stdin from file didn't work, both using cmd commandline 
>("dbshell test.db <test.sql") and using a program which creates child 
>process and makes pipe of stdin from a file...
>Possibility of automation this process would be great, especially for 
>creating about 200 databases with hundreds of thousands of points, which 
>i'm now creating in text form using written by me converter of Polish 
>opensource map...
>But it implies time-consuming import of data manually by each user on his 
>or her phone...
>One semi-automatic way of doing this import is:
>1. Copy a created on phone empty ls database to dbshell folder, let's say, 
>that this db is named test.db.
>2. Execute dbshell test.db
>3. Having an loadstone points text file convert it into a sql statements like:
>insert into point values ('name',500000000,200000000,0,0,0,3,123)
>and so on (i did this using written in 15 minutes simple conversion tool, 
>no error checking of course...).
>Remark: quotes don't work, replace them with '.
>4. Open this file with notepad, and mark all and copy to clipboard.
>5. Goto dbshell window, press alt+space, select "edit" from the menu, then 
>6. Go to an other window...
>7. Wait for a process to complete from time to time checking a console 
>window if there still are moving commands...
>I found out, that even in this way a process is relatively fast, importing 
>about 30 thousands of points took no more than 20 minutes...
>but there is also one serious limitation - no utf8 characters are 
>transmitted correctly into console using clipboard, so only way is to 
>convert a file into plain ascii before import.
>Next limitation is maximum windows clipboard size, but maybe somebody 
>points out an other than pipe redirection method of writing into console 
>program running as child process... It would allow to automate whole thing...
>Greetings, Greg.
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