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new userHI, copy the data to your phone's memory card, run loadstone, press options, select database sub menu, select import database here and find the file that you copied and select it. it should starting importing. if its a big file, it may take some time to load the database.
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  Thanks,  but how do you import them?  I tried that and I got a txt file with a lot of numbers. I had no idea how to import it to my phone. 




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  Go to www.loadstone-gps.com and go to the Point Share Exchange page. There you can download points for your specific area and import them into your Loadstone database.


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  Hello Folks,

  My name is Cris and I have just installed loadstone gps on my nokia n75 with bt359 gps receiver.  The communication between the receiver and the phone is perfect.  However, since I have never used a gps software before, and since my loadstone database is empty, I would like some help to start.  If anyone has maps for the Washington DC, Montgomery county MD, and northern Virginia to send me I will be very appreciating.  I also need some help on how to install these maps if such maps for these areas exist.  I am asking for these maps because these are the areas I generally travel through almost weekly.  

  I hope to get some assistance in the start.

  Warm Regards,

  Cris  I also look forward for contributing to the effort, although at this point I am quite GPS illiterate.


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