[Loadstone] Wondering what good ways are to get points of interest

Jerry Matheny starnoble at gmail.com
Sat May 23 22:21:35 BST 2009

Is there any site where I can put in my local zip code and or address and
just have it tell me all the local places of business or whatever that are
within so many miles away without selecting a specific category? I just want
to be able to populate my Loadstone database with points.

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Exactly! I'm wondering the same thing.

Either I'm not doing something right, or there just aren't very many poi's
on gps-data-team.com. Like, it only added a few McDonalds, and I know
there's gotta be plenty more. Or...it didn't add the BK that's around the
corner from me. I had to add that manually when I was out walking the other

I used the geocoder and added in all the zip codes for Ogden, but it didn't
do much except add a lot of streets. Although it did add some landmarks
around Weber state, and a few churches and condos, and a bunch of what
loadstone calls "co-op ATM's." I know there's a lot of businesses around
here, so I don't know why they wouldn't show up. I agree...entering the
longitude and latitude would just take too long. I'm kind of jealous of
trekker users because they  don't have to mess with that.


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