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Ok since symbian programming is very complex, and since you ccan get netbooks and nettops for $290 these days... Why not just make the google maps yet another php tool? I, personally, would not mind that. I think you guys produced loadstone at the perfect time for us, with the inexpensiveness of netbooks and nettops, and the future will only get better for computers I think. also it may be faster for you to make a google maps loadstone tool, rather than try and incorporate every single tool into loadstone itself. also, useing google maps you know it would be so cool if I could use the google maps loadstone tool in the following way:
go to the search box and type in restaurants in Reading PA. when the search results come up, below each result, there would be an add button which would add that place as a point, and once you're done adding points then you hit generate button and it makes a loadstone database which you can stick in your import export folder and import into an existing database. Not sure if this would be possible, but I myself would rather have the tools stay on the computer itself, and let loadstone take care of the databases, navigation speed heading, altitude,stuff like that. 


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