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Yes it does open a whole new world to us! and I am so glad I donated a little money to the project. I am not a programmer, but I can however beta test and donate money here and there when my income permits. 

Now here's a story for you. I wentt tothe store today, I aquired 10 satellites with the holux in my pants pocket. When I left the store, I decided to take a different route home than I normally take. Well I turned onto anotheer street and checked where I was, loadstone told me sso I knew then which way I had to go to get home. Of course without loadstone I would have had to ask for directions from people. but by useing loadstone to know the streets and points of interest around me in real-time, and by listening to traffic and using my skills I got at the colorado center I got home no problem! I find loadstone has boosted my confidence even more and is giving me a much clearer picture about the area in which I live, and it will give me a clear view of areas I will explore on Sunday when I go to a picnic an hour and a half's drive away in the car. I will finally, from sitting in the car be able tto know exactly where I am. and then when I get near my parents home town I will quickly load up their williamstown database that I made with the help of the geocoder and open street map and will be able to explore that area in new ways and new depths. 


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