[Loadstone] Static navigation in MTK2

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Tue May 19 20:56:13 BST 2009

\I've contacted the technical support from 
- a big on-line shop, where you can buy different GPS receivers, eg. Royaltek RBT-2100 or I-Blue 737A+.
For questions about MTK and SN they replied as follows:
BT-Q818X, i-Blue 886, i-Blue 737A+ are all using MTK2 66 ch chipset.

Any unit with MTK2 chipset will have similar performance. We recommend Q818X because it supports 5Hz update rate.

818 Extreme has older chipset 818X has newer chipset. Static navigation issue has been resolved with the latest chipset. The old MTK chipset used to drift at low speed. Thus, when you use at low speed, the position will jump all over the place. With the new chipset, the unit no longer drift as much as low speed which is what you have observed. BT-Q818X runs on MTK2 chipset and there is only one firmware, as this is a brand new chipset."

Do you agree with that statement?

I mean, if three receivers use the same chipset and were tested together, would they report different results in NMEA analysis? Can I expect more from the I-Blue 737A+ than from the Qstarz 818X, especially if it comes to pedestrian use, static navigation, speed/heading deviation etc.?


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