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> Subject: [Loadstone] Some suggestions and observations
> 3 I don't know of any formulas to compute the tides however, to my 
> understanding, when the sun or moon is right overhead it is high tide and 
> when they are at the back of the sphere it is low tide. The half way time 
> between sunrise and sun set would be the time of high tide. Similarly it 
> would work out for the moon too.
> Best regards
> Harish Kotian

Hello Harish,

I need to correct you.
The sun has only very low influence on the tides and does not change the timing, only the amplitude of a high tide. Great mass but great distance, too.

If the moon is overhead or on the back of the sphere it is high tide,
if the moon is at the side it is low tide.

More details on wikipedia.

Low tide is cool, I have been walking for some hours over to the island Neuwerk from the city of Cuxhaven through the north sea, and we went back by ship when the tide was high again.
The ground is really muddy and some sharp shells might hurt your feet, but
it's really a walk to remember.

Regards from Germany
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