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Gianfranco Giudice g.giudice at balcab.ch
Tue May 19 09:43:26 BST 2009

Hi Kai

I'm using the iBlue and it works fine.
Support of Holux is miserable. My distributor don't deal anymore with them.
They use a special USB datacable to update the firmware. But that cable is
not available anymore.

Transystem support standard USB cable + wall charger.

I have 2 pieces here if you want one.


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Hi Kay,

The three most popular receivers from my observations at the present time
seem to be:

Holux M1000/M1200
Royaltek 21XX/22XX/23XX
IBlue 737A+

There's probably not much between the units in practical terms though maybe
someone has conducted more scientific comparisons than I.

Bottom line, the aforementioned all do a decent job so really price and
availability are probably the main consideration.  EBay and Amazon are
usually two places worth checking out prices etc.

Best regards,

  On Tue, 19 May 2009, Kay Malmquist wrote:

> I hate to seem like a pest, but truly don't know if my previous 
> message ever made it to the list so am resending it.
> I have a Nokia 6682 and would love to try out Loadstone.  I wondered 
> which receiver is better.  I noticed that several people have 
> mentioned the Holux brand but have heard great things about the I-Blue 
> 737 a+.  I have seen both of these listed in the manuals section and 
> understand that they are both Waas capable.  Then there is the freedom 
> keychain as well.  Anything to stay away from?  Are there others I 
> should look in to?  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks much.
> Kay Malmquist
> kay.malmquist at gmail.com
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