[Loadstone] gps receivers

Kay Malmquist kay.malmquist at gmail.com
Tue May 19 09:05:26 BST 2009

I hate to seem like a pest, but truly don't know if my previous message ever 
made it to the list so am resending it.

I have a Nokia 6682 and would love to try out Loadstone.  I wondered which 
receiver is better.  I noticed that several people have mentioned the Holux 
brand but have heard great
things about the I-Blue 737 a+.  I have seen both of these listed in the 
manuals section and understand that they are both Waas capable.  Then there 
is the freedom keychain as well.  Anything to stay away from?  Are there 
others I should look in to?  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks much.
Kay Malmquist
kay.malmquist at gmail.com 

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