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Kotian, H P hpkotian at rbi.org.in
Tue May 19 07:12:39 BST 2009

Hello Ari
Thanks for responding to my queries.
1 Precisely, I was trying to bring out the inconsistency of information given by LS. LS should have picked up at least 1 satellite before it could synchronies the time and get the almanac. However, LS kept reporting 0 of 7 satellites for a very long time that day.

2 I suppose the satellite would be putting out a continuous beacon. Based on this data the GPS application would be  able to work out the point on earth. What are the different fields that contains in the beacon. Probably almanac would be one of the field. Just for information and knowledge.

2 I was stationary for more than 15 minutes under open sky. The minimum requirement for triangulation is 3 birds. Here I am talking of more than 8 birds. The lat / long kept changing when the number kept changing from between 8 to 12 satellites.
I reside at Mumbai, India. I am unsure if waas/ecnos correction is available here. I did try putting it on I did not observe any change in reporting of lat / long info.

3 I don't know of any formulas to compute the tides however, to my understanding, when the sun or moon is right overhead it is high tide and when they are at the back of the sphere it is low tide. The half way time between sunrise and sun set would be the time of high tide. Similarly it would work out for the moon too.

Best regards
Harish Kotian

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