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Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
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On Mon, 18 May 2009, Kotian, H P wrote:

> This is my first message to this wonderful group.
> I am running Nokia 6670 with Holux M1000 BT receiver.

> I had set my phone to synchronies with GPS. Yesterday, I replaced the 
> phone battery and set the phone date and time to the default time. Later 
> on when I connected the GPS and Lodestone, It showed 0 of 7 satellites. 
> However it updated my phone Date / Time. Let me hasten to add my cell 
> provider does not update date / time. Then, how did the phone get the 
> correct time when it picked 0 satellites?

  GPS gets  time if it has any signal from any gps satellites and this 
happens  before it can calculate a location. In fact gps has to found at 
least one satelliten to get the almanac to  learn actual  satellites 
available on  that area.

  >> On the same topic, what are the different fields the satellite gives GPS info?

   'Could you be more specific, what fields?

> I have also seen that the Lat / Long info keeps changing even when I am 
> stationary. This happened even though it had picked more than 7 
> satellites. When the point on earth keeps changing, then at what point 
> of time can we take a view the position on earth is correct?

   The information is measure by measuring the time signal needs to arrive 
from the satellite to the receiver.  Because there is always changes in 
ionospheric conditions, satellite locations  and signal distortion the 
results are accurate to few meters at best. To get most accurate results 
make sure the receiver 'see' open sky as much as possible and stay 
stationary for minute or two. If your receiver supports waas/ecnos 
correction you can also turn it on.

> The other day I was cruising around 100 KMPH. However with 2 quick key 
> presses, the speed varied from 70 Kmph to 90 Kmph. I suppose this module 
> needs to be looked into.

  There are some issues with M-1000. Try  setting the software speed at the 
settings to on or off and look witch gives more stable results. Iirc 
software speed on gives variable readoouts with M-1000.

> The asterisk key gives the standard time, would it possible to give the local time, i.e. what the sun dial shows? It would be interesting for those interested in astrology. Probably Double asterisk key could be defined for that.

  There is  the timezone setting in the settings, either automatic on 
manual offset.

> Would it be possible to give the high and low tide timings? When the sun 
> and moon rises data is already available, it could be possible to 
> compute this info too.

   Do you know any  already available formulas to calculate the time and 
height of the tide?

> Would it be possible to drop a database and POI, there isn't any option to do that.

  There is an option to delete individual POIs at the exploration mode. 
Complete database you can delete at least with phone's build-in file 

> Best regards
> Harish Kotian
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