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Hi Kate,

In the case of the latitude/longitude pair of coordinates I referenced in 
a previous message, the rough location of that point is:
54 Farringdon St, City of London, City of London EC1A 2, UK

I'm sure the Loadstone documentation covers this better so I would 
recommend you read it but briefly...

Latitude is a distance measurement going from South to North on the globe. 
Each latitude is a degree and there are 90 going from the equator north 
and 90 going from the equator south.  Any latitude south of the equator 
has a minus sign preceding the value.  So, London is near/around 51.517 
(I'm guessing your location in Cornwall is somewhere around 48/49)

Similar to latitude measurements, longitude is also measured in degrees 
and there are 180 east of the Greenwich meridian and 180 west of the 
Greenwich meridian.  (Greenwich as in a district in London)  Longitudes 
west of Greenwich are negative and longitudes east of Greenwich are 
posative..  The -0.105 longitude I referenced is likely about 10 KM  west 
of 0 located in Greenwich.

The Loadstone tools page on the http://www.loadstone-gps.com web site 
contain applications that will return a latitude/longitude pair of 
coordinates for a given address.  This The geocoder will take your address 
as input and return the related coordinate pair.

Best regards,

  On Fri, 15 May 2009, Kate Harrington 

> Hi Monty,
> I'm replying to you because I also live in UK and have recently downloaded
> Loadstone. I live in Helston Cornwall, TR13 8AQ.
> I noticed the coordinates you gave in your email had - before the longitude,
> sorry if I sound stupid, but why was that?
>        Kate
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>> Hello,
>> The PointShare has the ability to drill down further in geographic areas
>> that have more administrative data.  As far as I know this isn't the case
>> with the United Kingdom yet though since I live in the UK perhaps I should
>> make this available to Shane.  Having said that, it isn't a huge priority
>> at the minute so if anyone else  would like to make that data available to
>> Shane then cool!
>> Your IP appears to possibly be coming from London so if this is the case
>> then put in the following:
>> Latitude: 51.517
>> longitude: -0.105
>> If this isn't the case then send me your postcode off-list and I'll sort
>> out more accurate coordinates for you.
>> On the topic of the PointShare, I will endeavour  to upload an updated set
>> of points including 60000 + street related points plus the 350000  plus
>> transportation-related points and of course my personal points too!
>> Too much to do and not enough time!
>> Best regards,
>>   Monty
>> On Fri, 15 May 2009, dudleym at ntlworld.com wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I'm trying to use the point share exporter to get points in a
>>> particular town, but can't seem to drill down any further than
>>> selecting my country.The web page says to select one or more
>>> locations via the option boxes, I can only find one combo box (using
>>> IE)where I can add United Kingdom and then I have to go onto the next
>>> button.  This is where I get more confused. Selecting the next button
>>> takes me to what seems to be the same page as if I had selected
>>> the"<http://www.csy.ca/~shane/gps/export.php>Get data near a point"
>>> link and I am prompted to enter a lattitude and longitude, but I
>>> don't know them so cant proceed any further.
>>> I've tried Firefox which is even more confusing The first page has a
>>> number of combo boxes with select buttons next to them but  when I
>>> hit the enter key on a combo box to go into forms mode I get no
>>> speech output at all, cursoring down , tabbing to the select button
>>> does not select anything. Don't know whether this is a firefox problem or
>>> what.
>>> I'm using jaws v9 with IE6 or firefox 3.1
>>> Any help please.
>>> Martin
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