[Loadstone] Loadstone point share

dudleym at ntlworld.com dudleym at ntlworld.com
Fri May 15 10:32:12 BST 2009


I'm trying to use the point share exporter to get points in a 
particular town, but can't seem to drill down any further than 
selecting my country.The web page says to select one or more 
locations via the option boxes, I can only find one combo box (using 
IE)where I can add United Kingdom and then I have to go onto the next 
button.  This is where I get more confused. Selecting the next button 
takes me to what seems to be the same page as if I had selected 
the"<http://www.csy.ca/~shane/gps/export.php>Get data near a point" 
link and I am prompted to enter a lattitude and longitude, but I 
don't know them so cant proceed any further.

I've tried Firefox which is even more confusing The first page has a 
number of combo boxes with select buttons next to them but  when I 
hit the enter key on a combo box to go into forms mode I get no 
speech output at all, cursoring down , tabbing to the select button 
does not select anything. Don't know whether this is a firefox problem or what.

I'm using jaws v9 with IE6 or firefox 3.1

Any help please.


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