[Loadstone] open street map bigger area/radius

Igor B. Poretsky poretsky at mlbox.ru
Tue May 12 17:32:25 BST 2009


    >> From: "Josh" <jkenn337 at gmail.com>

    >> Hi,
    >> What do I do if I want to get a bigger radius than the default
    >> provided by the geocoder?
    >> Josh

    >> From: Rob Melchers <rob at loadstone-gps.com>
    >> 1. You tell the OSM people that you don't agree with their
    >> current download policy.  2. You download several maps next to
    >> eachother and combine them.  3. You convince Shane that he has
    >> to incorporate the complete OSM database (150GB) in the
    >> PointShareExchange.
    >> Rob

    Lulu-Ann> Hi Josh What about:

    Lulu-Ann> 4. You download the .osm world file and filter the area
    Lulu-Ann> you want yourself?

5. Use xapi.openstreetmap.org or www.informationfreeway.org instead of
www.openstreetmap.org. I already noted this possibility some time ago
in this list.

Best regards,

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