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Kate Harrington kathrynharrington at btinternet.com
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Hi List,

I've just joined this list, and have recently downloaded Loadstone to my mobile.

If there is some documentation I can look at that will answer the following questions and more, please let me know what and where.

I don't know anything about using a GPS system, I've looked at the manual but don't understand it.

First of all, can you tell me the ways I can use Loadstone before I get a Bluetooth receiver? I've named the mobile phone mast that it detects, and I've put in my home as a point. Can I ask it to direct me towards the mast without the receiver? When I tried it told me that no starting point had been defined - how do I define one? 

Does anyone in the UK use Loadstone? Are there maps on Loadstone site for places in the UK. 

What are the databases for, what are the checkpoints for?

Thanks for any help.        Kate
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  Just a friendly suggestion. It is true that we should ask clarifications from the list when things are not clear, but many of these questions are being addressed within the LS manual and perhaps we can minimize the traffic on the list by carefully reading the manual.


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    Ok so my e51 comes on Monday. When I'm walking with the e51what do I do with the hollux m1000bluetooth gps receiver? Do I need to hold it in my hand for it to get a lock on the satellites? and when I walk what could I do with it? I should be able  to just hold the phone in my hand is that what you all do? 
    what is the best way to walk with gps? also do I have to set some static threshold so the gps receiver will track me walking at 1 or 2 miles per hour? or is loadstone only designed for cars? for traveling in fast-moving cars?


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