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Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sat May 2 11:37:20 BST 2009

Both the XAPI 0.6 and informationsfreeway are still pretty unstable at this 
moment. I'm monitoring it on a weekly basis and as soon as the OSM people 
have the bandwith problems sorted out I will return to the direct download 
possibility. For the on-line service we have to consider the limited 
filesize of the LS server and as known a .osm XML file only contains 5% 
usable data for the LS database, so we need some kind of control of the XML 
size file that is offered for download.


At 5/2/2009, you wrote:
>But you could use xapi.openstreetmap.org instead or even better
>Best regards,
> >>>>> "Rob" == Rob Melchers <rob at loadstone-gps.com> writes:
>     Rob> On april 24 I noticed that the OSM API that is used to
>     Rob> download a 6 sqm map gave a 403 'forbidden' reply, so the
>     Rob> link on the Geocoder page was changed to point to the OSM
>     Rob> website with instructions on how to export from the OSM site
>     Rob> directly. At the time this resulted in a 1 sqm map, today I
>     Rob> got a 4 sqm map. If they get the API running I'll change it
>     Rob> again.
>     Rob> Rob
>     Rob> At 5/1/2009, you wrote:
>     >> Hello.  May be can somebody tell me why i can't get file
>     >> Map.osm when i use geocoder from loadstone-gps.com It doesn't
>     >> work already 10 days.  May be now it's unavailable?  Thank you.
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