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Attach receiver somewhere to get a clear view of the sky. Put it on top of your head, if you want. I usually hold the phone in the case, strapped to my backpack strap D-loop. Headphone wired to the phone audio out on one ear to listen to LS speaking.

I don't bother with any of the settings, the defaults seem to be find for pedestrian work. LS is designed for walking so optimized for that mode.


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  Ok so my e51 comes on Monday. When I'm walking with the e51what do I do with the hollux m1000bluetooth gps receiver? Do I need to hold it in my hand for it to get a lock on the satellites? and when I walk what could I do with it? I should be able  to just hold the phone in my hand is that what you all do? 
  what is the best way to walk with gps? also do I have to set some static threshold so the gps receiver will track me walking at 1 or 2 miles per hour? or is loadstone only designed for cars? for traveling in fast-moving cars?


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