[Loadstone] Question about transfering my database over to anotherphone

Vetrivel Adhimoolam vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 19:19:33 BST 2009

If you have already completed the import process by using the points 
downloaded from the point share webpage, then your default file will include 
everything that you added including your personal data. So all you have to 
do is to transfer the default file found under databases to your N73 and 
start using it. There could be some problems if you transferred from second 
generation to the third generation, but since both are third eds here, you 
may not encounter any problem.


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> Hey all,
> I usually use Loadstone on a Nokia N95 8 GB, but also have a Nokia N73
> that I want to transfer my database of points onto. Since this phone
> takes a long time to import points, I thought I would directly
> transfer the "default" file that I found in the databases directory.
> However, I was wondering: does this file only contain the points that
> I added initially (which were a set of points that I downloaded from
> the Loadstone website), or does this file also include the points that
> I have added my self?
> While looking through the Loadstone "importexport" directory, I also
> found a file called "data". Does anyone know what this file contains,
> and do I also need to transfer it?
> Thanks alot,
> Elliott.
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