[Loadstone] Question about transfering my database over to another phone

Elliott Barnes elliottabarnes at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 29 18:33:02 BST 2009

Hey all,
I usually use Loadstone on a Nokia N95 8 GB, but also have a Nokia N73
that I want to transfer my database of points onto. Since this phone
takes a long time to import points, I thought I would directly
transfer the "default" file that I found in the databases directory.
However, I was wondering: does this file only contain the points that
I added initially (which were a set of points that I downloaded from
the Loadstone website), or does this file also include the points that
I have added my self?
While looking through the Loadstone "importexport" directory, I also
found a file called "data". Does anyone know what this file contains,
and do I also need to transfer it?
Thanks alot,

Elliott Barnes
MSN/Windows Live:
elliottabarnes at hotmail.co.uk

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