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Kerry and Gemma Hoath kerryandgemma at gotss.net
Tue Mar 24 09:24:46 GMT 2009

Answers inline.

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>I mainly need the program for writing log (nema) files.
You are probably after more of a data-logger application perhaps although 
loadstone will achieve some of what you want.
> Using the software two questions raised up:
> - is it possible to tell the program in which time interval it should
> save the position to the log file?

NMEA logs log the sentences from the gps receiver. These include possition, 
speed, heading, time and date and various satelite information.
There is more in an NMEA log than just the current lattitude and longitude 
so the answer is no, you don't tell the program how often to log the current 
location as it logs all trafic from the gps receiver.
Possibly best to use whatever processes your log file to trim out unwanted 
data and sentences.

> - is it possible for the developers to create differnt log files named
> yyyymmdd-hhmmss.nema?

As far as I know not at this stage. long-term connections between a mobile 
phone and gps receiver by bluetooth are not necessarily stable for long 
If long-term data logging is your goal perhaps a cabled gps receiver and a 
netbook/laptop would be more reliable.
Provided nothing upsets the bluetooth connection and you have enough storage 
space loadstone should be fine though.

Regards, Kerry.

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