[Loadstone] Help with trip to London for beginner

Dennis Freedman djden at samobile.net
Fri Mar 20 00:04:33 GMT 2009

I am very new to using LoadStone, but am very impressed with its 
features and accuracy, not least because of its ability to pinpoint 
locations without interference from poorly mapped locations. :)
I am making a trip to London next week and another the following week 
and would like to use LS to do some navigation and exploration with my 
guide dog.
My main objective would be to find some public transport in the area - 
bus stops, etc. - and any pois such as restaurants or pubs already in 
the user database.
I have tried loading an area database for my own location (in 
Lancashire in NW England) but find that there are no public transport 
listings, and very few pois.
I would appreciate any help as to anyone with experience of using Ls in 
the London area and any advice on the best way of creating a useable 
database - what to include and what not to, and a possibile radius for 
area etc.
Any help welcomed as I would like to set this up before my journey if possible.
with thanks in advance.
Dennis Freedman, UK

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